MTv, ‘Thriller’ and the new video song genre

I can remember watching a music video with Peter Gabriel’s talking and singing head. I was 7. It was strange in a way that I couldn’t take my eyes off it – and I loved the music. The same goes for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.  The first time I watched it, the music unnerved me and I thought something bad was going to happen, so like most little girls scared of things that go bump in the night, I clamped my hand half-over my eyes as I peeked out behind it. Once I realized the creatures coming to get Michael just wanted to dance with him, I forgot about being scared and started dancing along with the neighbor kid who was supposed to be my babysitter. I wasn’t supposed to watch MTv. Too late.

I have found a new genre of music video. I watch them on YouTube primarily through my smartphone. The VideoSong. Pomplamoose and Julia Nunes were the first ones I’ve found, and enjoy, watching and listening. I’m interested in learning more about this form as it unfolds and continues to be created. In the meantime, click on Achin’ Heart by Pomplamoose through the link above, and jam out like I’ve been doing. Just can’t get that song out of my head!


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