*Ahem* 14 days until Steve bikes across America – again!

In less than two weeks, my friend Steve is going to do something for the second time that most would never dream to accomplish in the first place. He’s biking across the continental US — again!

On Feb. 20, Steve’s biking east from Huntington Beach, Calif., and plans to end up at St. Simons Island, Ga., or somewhere near that area three months later. (The first time I posted this I put the WRONG date – like a month earlier… oops.)  He will pedal and pedal and pedal and pedal.. and well, you get the point. You can check out his progress with me here, if I hear from him, and you can also check out his visit when he comes through Georgia. Steve and I met shortly after he finished his first bike trip across the nation back in 2008. He’s currently writing a book about that journey, and I hope to read the final draft soon. Actually, I can’t wait to buy a copy.

My friend Steve is an Altitude Snob because he lives at roughly 8,000-ft. above sea level in Colorado surrounded by 14-ers but I think he will enjoy hanging out at 222 ft. above sea level in Georgia. Follow Steve on his Facebook page and check out the Smile For A Lifetime cause that he’s promoting while biking across America. He expects to be in Georgia about mid-April. Pray for him that he has a safe journey with minimal flat tires, crazy animals and drivers.

Godspeed, Steve! See you soon!


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