Spring flower stories

I took these photos with my cellphone this afternoon. Spring has arrived in south Georgia. Today’s temperature on my drive home was 71 degrees farenheit. How lucky are we?

These daffodils are blooming for the first time in this location. They are in my rose border, which is covered by a wandering plant in the summer months. Not sure of the name of it because I received a six inch trimming from a friend. Three years later it covers about a six foot swath by the carport under a large pecan tree.

These pansies were also a gift. I put them in this shallow pot in early November. Thanks!

I just realized that each of my plants in my garden have a story. I’m sure my friends who love to water and tend their gardens daily would laugh at my idea of a garden – but to me a garden needs to survive on its own. If it doesn’t survive after the first year of my care (which is basically nothing other than fertilizing with pickle juice, coffee grinds and whatever I’m composting that week) then it doesn’t belong in my yard. Grass sometimes doesn’t belong in my yard. I’m thinking I want to pull out all the grass in the front yard and plant scads of lavender and black-eyed Susans.

Here’s the sedum I inherited when I bought the house seven years ago, and some jonquils that have multiplied into a large, lovely clump ready for me to separate and gift. These jonquils were dug up next to an abandoned house out in the county. (With permission, of course.)


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