Oh Scrappy Day

I spent a portion of this morning engaged in one of my favorite activities – scrapbooking. Like writing, I usually wait for the muse to hit and then I can spend hours at the project. I once scrapbooked for the majority of a three-day weekend. I go on scrapbooking weekends and outings with my friends, and I dream of one day going on a scrapbooking cruise — all you can scrapbook (while at sea) and then day and evening outings to exotic locales. Don’t laugh. They really have these kinds of cruises. I admit, it does seem a bit much, but with my lifestyle, unless I go away to do it, I won’t do it.

Today I set up on my parents’ backporch and finally got around to making Christmas presents. When I give these out – sometime in March – they will just be called presents. I’m even thinking about making these for sale. We’ll see how that goes. I love to make full scrapbooks, but who has time to make an entire scrapbook for friends. These “pages” are actually framed and will feature a favorite photo, that can be switched out at the whim of the receiver. (I’m not showing off the ones that are actually presents, just my prototypes.)

Happy Scrappin’.

I make a mess when I scrap. Here’s a sampling of my supplies. Love those rhinestones.

Before embellishments.

Almost ready to frame.

With another color scheme. I made vertical ones as well.


2 thoughts on “Oh Scrappy Day

  1. love it! I just made so (digital) scrapbook pages for Kristi for her birthday…it’s such a great gift! Looking forward to our next scrapbook weekend!

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