Camden Classic horse show

My sister adores her horses. I’m just starting to get used to them. That stomach-in-your-throat jolt every time I’m around them is gone, but I’m not keen on being too close, unless it is Spitfire or Razzer. Spitfire, aka Money of Joy, and Razzer (not sure of his “legal” name) are the sons of my sister’s first horse, Opie aka Joy’s Opal. Our horses are Tennessee Walking Horses, and these photos are a few I shot with my mom’s mobile during my sister’s latest horse show, the Camden Walker Classic in Camden, S.C. She placed as high as first in Youth Trail Obstacle against several riders. She placed third of 24 riders in Pleasure 2-Gait. In fact, I believe she placed in every class she rode in. I am so proud of her and excited about this year’s competition at Nationals.

Getting some last minute instruction from their trainer, Spitfire and my sis.

Taking their turn around the ring
It looks like a "flat walk".

The line up for judging. (This is the same view from our camper. Great view. Out of the way of horses.)
Sis and Spitfire with their blues and a floral drape for Trail Obstacle

How to take a good horse picture? Make sure his ears are standing up straight. Throwing dirt in the air helps. A professional photographer was off to the right.

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