Eight is enough – for now

Today was the first sunny day since Sunday.

To celebrate, my friends and I spent the early evening hours playing with the dogs in the yard.

Meet their eight pups: 1) Peaches; 2) Tarbee; 3) Roscoe (you can’t actually see all of him); 4) Spanky; 5) Casper; 6) Roxie; 7) Gidget; 8) Buddy.

And, these babies are 100% proof that adopting dogs is the way to go if you’re looking for a loyal, fun babydawg to add to your family. Each of theirs were either given to them, rescued from the street or dumpsters, or they came into their yard. I think dogs must have a underground messaging system that says something like, “Hey, you need a place to hang where they’ve got comfy quarters, sweet parents and Vienna sausages for snacks, go see Chazz and Joe.”

I took each of these pictures except for the adorable one of Roxie and Casper, lower left. Chazz took this one. Thanks, Chazz, Joe and the gang for such a great afternoon.

Oh, and after the sun started going down we got hungry and visited this really cool take-out only restaurant next to a Psychic Reading place in downtown Vidalia, Taste of Phillie.

When you walk up to the restaurant, you can smell the savory deliciousness.

Order the Mrs. Pie. It comes with triple cheese, steak and chicken, and you can add whatever topping you want. I got the mushrooms and onions, and next time I’ll add pickles, oh, and hot sauce. Looks good doesn’t it? Glad I split it – the hoagie’s at least 13 inches long.


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