Foggy mornings and other stuff

This morning’s drive in to work was a challenge. This is what it looked like the majority of the time, only most of that time it was worse. I am not a fan of driving in fog. I’m always nervous of animals and cars jumping out into my path. Then there’s the matter of speed. I leave home with just enough time to get to work – at a specific rate of speed. Any unexpected change – like a tractor, or a roadblock or fog – means I’ll most likely be a few minutes late to work. I know I should leave earlier, but that would require me to get out of bed earlier. At 6:30 a.m. as the absolute latest I can wake up without being late leaving the house, earlier to rise is just not going to happen!

Here’s a few photos I’ve taken the past week but didn’t post, mostly because I’m pretty lazy about downloading and then saving them to the computer. I took all of these photos with my mobile phone.

Aren't these cows cute? I think that everytime I pass them on my way to and from work.

These azaleas line the porch of my 104-year old home. Their blooms are now spent, but what a show!
The chickens were all scrunched up against the side of the cage, trying to escape the sun's heat.

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