A-Z: 26 days

The ABCs of my next 26 days.

Where I’ve been, what I’m doing, how I get there and who I’m doing things with… For example, here’s a possible outline. (This was actually from my notes.)

A: Ailey – I pass by this little town on my way into work every day. Few pictures. Favorite old church.

B: Brewton-Parker College (of course!) I could have said Brenton, my brother, but he’s too grumpy lately. It snowed here – pretty snow picture.

C: (I got bored with these notes at C. Hope that’s not a sign of what’s to come.)

You get the picture. I’m going to try to let it be a little more organic and not plan out every one (notice this was my excuse)… so therefore, these aren’t going to be as MAJOR of a decision – just whimsies… like my life right now. Let’s see how this little experiment goes.

Random rearview mirror photo - back when my bug loved me and worked! (It's in the shop on the transmission transplant list.)

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