A is for the Altamaha


Hello readers, meet the Altamaha River. This river winds through south Georgia farmlands, swampy areas and pine groves. About Lumber City or Hazlehurst it hooks up with the Ocmulgee River, another major south Georgia waterway. To the south of this photo (this was looking northwestish), the river flows out to the Atlantic Ocean near Darien, Ga.

Back in the days of steamboats and logging, cut pines and cedar were sloshed into these waters and floated down to the port in Darien. Steamboat captains patrolled the waters, undoing any jams and hang-ups. I think they may even have pulled some freight with supplies, etc. I was told a few stories about these days from locals in McRae, Jacksonville, and Lumber City, Ga. whose relatives were these same steamboat captains. I could use a few retellings.

This river fascinates me in its tide-like quality. Or, as a girl who grew up in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, it appears tide-like, only the seasons instead of the moon control it. Right now, the river looks a bit swollen and those trees where the water appears to meet the ground are actually the top branches. There’s probably another 6 to 7 feet of tree under there. Our family’s property is only about a mile up from the river, and in the summer, we’re allowed to take the four-wheeler out exploring on the sandbars along the neighbor’s property.

One day I’m going to put in with a crew of canoers and float/paddle all the way down to Darien. Just not in the middle of the summer because my one and only fear of that kind of travel is accidently meeting up with a snake who may drop into the boat from an overhead branch. I think that would be the worst thing ever – and I’ve been told that it happens…


One thought on “A is for the Altamaha

  1. Not to be overly critical Kelley, but the Altamaha is actually formed with the joining of the Ocmulgee & Oconee Rivers just north of Hazlehurst. 😉 I do love my rivers!

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