An Afternoon at the Atlanta State Farmer’s Market

If you are in Atlanta for a weekend, have a car and a few hours, I highly recommend checking out the Atlanta State Farmer’s Market in Forest Park. I visited there today with my mom and dad – on the guise that Dad wanted to buy Mom some roses for their anniversary, and what ensued was a relaxing afternoon of good food, great deals and a whole new experience of shopping. (And, I love shopping.)

First, we stopped at the restaurant, Oakwood Cafe. It was already 1:30 p.m. but the place was busy for a late lunch.

The ceiling and top portion of the walls were painted in frescoes of Georgia life. I loved the fresco of Rhett and Scarlet.

Rhett and Scarlett at Oakwood Cafe

Of course, I had to order the fried green tomatoes (and BBQ pork and a sweet potato). Mom and dad got the pot roast, mashed potatoes and FGTs.

Absolutely stuffed, we ventured outside to see what there’s to see. And, there’s lots! This place is the distribution grounds for all of the Southeast and there were people everywhere buying produce for their restaurants and businesses. Most of the Vidalia onions aren’t “in” yet – give them a few weeks – but there were a few vendors there with “real Vidalia onions” but I didn’t recognize any of the farm names on the bags. I was looking for Stanley Farms, Braddy Farms … any of the Montgomery or Toombs Co. farms that I’m familiar with in my home base.

Not needing any produce and with assurances that I would bring Mom home some Vidalias the next time I pass by the Stanley Farms store in between Lyons and Vidalia, we drove over to the greenhouse area. There was a distinct chill in the air but the sun was proud of itself overhead. Such a perfect April day!

Dad eventually picked out a bouquet of roses for Mom; she chose the multi-colored bunch. All in all it was a wonderful break in the craziness of the week. This place runs on its own schedule, but you aren’t affected by it. You can roam and go at your own pace. For me, it was like hitting the reset button on my week. I’m ready for Sunday in second gear.

Here’s some more photos from the trip. Hope you enjoy.

pink hydrangea

Daylilies with no bloom

Chicks and hens

Flowers in the cooler

If you are interested in learning more about this Farmer’s Market or others in Georgia, check out this neat link.


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