E is for Easter

Today was Palm Sunday. In a week it will be Easter. Our family traditionally celebrates Easter with church service in the morning, a large lunch to mid-afternoon meal, egg cracking, an Easter egg hunt in the afternoon and then a nap. Desserts are served after nap.

Egg cracking is something our family has done for as long as I can remember. It’s a tradition from my mom’s side of the family. Each person is given a hard boiled egg, and you go around the table and try to crack each other’s egg. You do this one egg at a time, and if you crack the other person’s egg, you win and can go on to the next person. This can get somewhat violent and well, competitive. I have never won. But if you do win – and in our family that means you’ve had a lot of opportunity to lose – you are supposed to have health, wealth and happiness in the coming year.

On a somewhat side note, I loved attending the new church my family visited today in McDonough, Eagle’s Landing First Baptist Church. The message was spot on and it felt like coming home. The music ministry is lead by someone from Casting Crowns (sorry, I didn’t look up the name nor do I know it off the top of my head) so therefore, the music was familiar contemporary Christian. I love worshiping God through music. My siblings and parents loved it – which is what matters most. And, the people there were genuinely friendly. All in all a great start. “Going expectantly into the Throne Room”. 🙂

Here’s a photo from an Easter’s past.

Oh, the things our parents do to us!


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