Inventing with the letter I

I am researching a lot of different facebook apps and design elements on WordPress today. I’ve only been blogging for about three months and although I’m starting to get the hang of daily posting (this A-Z challenge has been helpful), I’m still learning all that these programs can do. I have an unquenchable zest right now to learn all I can about HTML, CSS, RSS and photo editing. I am somewhat versed in photo editing on and can manipulate Photoshop enough to crop, change background colors and add text but that’s about it.

Today I started the morning with learning about adding HTML code to my personal Facebook page. It’s listed under Kelley Arnold. I created it last night to house writing clips links and help this page gain readers. Not really sure if it’s going to work, but I’m enjoying the process. I added an RSS feed to this blog to the page and I’m trying to figure out Twitter. I am stubborn. I’d rather figure it out through trial and error than ask someone to show me. Next is a Facebook “like” box for this page to my writer’s page. When I have 25 likes, I can give the page its own url name. So please like me. 😉

I created the above header from a photo I took of my mom’s knockout roses. I enjoyed the romp around the yard in my sister’s jelly boots as we visited our horses Opie and Romeo and checked on Opie’s puncture wound on her flank. She seems to have hurt herself in the back pasture yesterday afternoon. It doesn’t seem too serious but the vet’s going to check it out later today if the neighbor deems it neccessary. So glad we have good neighbors who are horse experts.

Here’s our Opie.

Have a wonderful Good Friday! So thankful I live in a country where I’m free to worship and PRAISE a Risen Lord!


2 thoughts on “Inventing with the letter I

  1. Love the pick of opie! I need to figure out how to add the like button (BTW It wouldn’t let me like because I’m not a WordPress member). Also I don’t understand. RSS feed but I wanna figure that out too….oh and I feel totally slack that your passing me in the a to z game lol

    1. Oh no! It’s all about timing. I think about my letter on my drive home from work. Or, if I’m actually awake, on my way into work. The H one was easy because I knew I wanted to get pics of our hens. However, I wasn’t expecting such a silly shot opportunity.
      And, yes, I love that pic of Oppers too. 🙂

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