J is for Joy

Joy for me means spending time with my family. 

Joy is watching my little Sister discover hidden eggs and count them one by one, proudly declaring she found 28.


Joy is hanging out with my younger Brother, who should really be writing an English paper for college, while I’m making potato salad at midnight and my other Sisters are trying to figure out what kind of salad calls for marshmellows, coconut, mandarin oranges, crushed pineapple and sour cream (Ambrosia).

Joy is watching my father make silly faces at his now grown children sitting across from him at the dinner table. Joy is sitting outside under the umbrellas while the kids dye eggs for each family member and a warm breeze shouts that summer’s almost here. Joy is Jesus’ loving and forgiving grace. Happy Easter.

Oh, and Ode to Joy has been playing in my head on repeat today. Found this on YouTube while looking up the song’s lyrics. The lyrics don’t apply to what I’m trying to say, but this video does. Hanging out with my family is similar to the crazy fun of this version of Ode to Joy.



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