K is for Kismet (and Girl Scouts)

Kismet. One of the coolest words to say. Kiz-met. The z lingers a little over the m but it ends in a strong t. There’s an old Hollywood musical called “Kismet”, which I saw a long time ago as a teen with my grandmother. I think the word is actually Turkish in origin.

Fate. Kismet equals fate, or fortune. Meaning that good things befall those who wait out a situation. Destiny is another way to define it. Reminds me of that movie “Serendipity”, also another definition.

This morning was a major case of the Mondays for me. Grumpy, non-caffenated and on the eve of my 32 birthday, it’s not a good way to start the week, or end a year for that matter. Without going into all of the details, let’s just say ever since turning 30, birthdays have just not seemed as much fun. I think its all in my mindset though. I joked with my co-worker that I needed a fairy godmother. That I needed some Bipity Boppity Boo in my life.

I sucked it up and pushed through the day, which wanted to bog me down like a truck stuck in the mud. By lunchtime, I stopped thinking about the events of the day pushing against me and just started thinking about 5 o’clock.

Soon it was time for Girl Scouts. I’m a co-leader of a combined troop of Daisies, Brownies and Juniors. We are a young troop, only being in existence since January, but we are a fun troop. My co-leader and I are still navigating the ins and outs of troop leadership, including cookie sales, try-it/badge activities and parent involvement. This is where Kismet comes in. I think somewhere in my childhood, I was destined for Girl Scout leadership.

Most of my favorite childhood memories are wrapped around the activities or friends I made in scouts. I went all the way through Girl Scouts starting with Brownies, earning my Gold Award and graduating as a Senior GS. I was a Boy Scout, too – an Explorer scout. It was and is my dream to be a camp counselor one summer – in a place where the overnight temperatures require a heavy layer of cozy sleeping bags. Something like the camp the girls in “The Parent Trap” meet. I learned how to canoe, rescue a drowning friend and make a full course meal over a blazing fire I’ve built with semi-damp wood and no lighter fluid at the camps of my youth. I have hiked part of the Appalachain trail, swam with the manatees (not on purpose)  in the Indian River (or was it the Intercoastal?), dodged alligators in spring-fed rivers in central Florida (definitely on purpose) and dug for buried treasure on South Carolina beaches.

The day’s frustrations melted by the time I saw the first smiley faces of little girls excited to say “hi” to “Miss Kelley”. Today we learned about healthy eating, naming foods that are healthy for us and reviewing our food pyramid and then we got down to businesses playing games like Cupcake, Cupcake, Carrot (like Duck, Duck, Goose) but wearing goofy, oversized clowns sunglasses and a yellow hardhat to chase the Carrot, Red Rover Red Rover and racing each other around the outdoor track. The girls, three mothers and I all joined a large laughing group on the college soccer field. It was a perfect way to illustrate our activity of family healthy living, and it was all coordinated on a whim and a memory.

Won’t it be neat if those girls keep the memories from today in their happy memory box to pull out and ruminate over on cranky days in their 30s? I know I’m grateful to all of the leaders in my life. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “K is for Kismet (and Girl Scouts)

  1. I remember my girl scout leader and the many fun activities – camp, cookies, and a trip to Savannah. 🙂 It is such a wonderful thing you are doing.

    Happy Birthday! Today is my step-daughter’s birthday too.

    1. Thanks, Angelia! Did you go to the Juliette Low Birthplace/Home in Savannah? I did that too – and loved it. We are planning a trip with our girls for the middle of summer. Going to try to make it out to the beach, too! Happy Birthday to your step-daughter!! 🙂

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