Random Ten Things about Me (with the letter M)

  1. Middle name is MICHELLE. Not Rockstar.
  2. Never seen MICKEY MOUSE in person.
  3. I ate a kiddie-sized pack of MINI M&Ms today for a snack. Mini M&Ms, Giant chocolate taste!
  4. My MOM is my best friend.
  5. MAPS by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs has been on overdrive in my brain all day.
  6. Van MORRISON’s “Brown Eyed Girl” is the best song to dance to, especially barefoot in the sand.
  7. I’ve never been to MONTANA, but loved visiting MONTE CARLO and MONACO.
  8. MIRACLE WHIP is better in chicken salad than MAYONNAISE.
  9. My first dog’s name was MUFFIE.
  10. I believe in MIRACLES.

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