Ok, so I’m cheating on Q. Here are SugarPie’s two babies born last week. Are they not absolutely precious?

I could have done “qui est leur pere?” but I’m pretty sure their father is Mr. Peanut. My younger sister’s Chihuahua mix. Here’s Momma with her babes.

Sarah-Beth tried to convince me that my boxer Oz was the daddy. They are the right color and this little one of the right does look like him just a bit, but I’m thinking that these babies are not Oz’s. Besides, the logistics of that just boggles my mind and I’d rather not think about that. Stranger things have happened, though. The other thing that made me question it, at least a bit, is SugarPie only had two and they are pretty big in my opinion to be only a week old!

The one on the left does have Oz’s facial markings… hmm…

Well, until they get a little older, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see who’s their daddy! What do you think?


Is it Oz (above)? Or is it Mr. Peanut (below)?

Mr. Peanut

Either way, they are the snuggiest, sweetest little things! JackRat-Chihuahua mix or a JackRat-Boxer mix???


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