Last letter of the A-Z Challenge! YES!

I am so proud of myself for not giving this up because I got bored with it. That’s a major thing with me. A character flaw, even. I cannot tell you how many cross-stitch kits, coloring books, books (really boring ones), diets, paintings and even musical instruments, I’ve quit without finishing them. Well, as for musical instruments, there’s been three – cello, bassoon and alto recorder. Question: If you practice a musical instrument, do you actually quit doing it? I mean, you can pick it back up eventually, one day. Right?

Therefore, feeling specifically anti-slacker right now, because I’ve quit other blogging challenges before, here’s a list of…

Activities I do not “quit”:

Puzzles – once I start one of these, I’m obsessed.

Homework – I’ve never turned in an assignment half finished. I’ll put in the wrong answer just to have an answer, especially in Geometry and Chemistry where most of the time I had no clue.

Scrapbook pages – It’s a similar obsession as puzzles. I can and do spend hours working on layouts and making backgrounds using sanding, inking and stamping techniques.

Movies – With one exception that I remember, if I choose to watch a movie, I watch the whole thing. Good or bad.

Ok, so that seems like a pretty short list. If I think of any more I’ll add it. I like challenges. When things become less of a challenge or the new wears off, I’ll move on and find another challenge or learn a new skill. In that, I’ve discovered diversity and understand variety is the spice of life. I think of it more as expanding my repetoire rather than quitting. I disdain routine, unless it is something that profits my success – like practice. I will say that I do have a tendency to back away from something if I don’t think I can do it. It can be easier to “quit” something, rather than push myself to finish. Like the novel I started over two years ago and didn’t finish because it was as if the well ran dry or the characters stopped talking to me. Sometimes it’s best to push yourself through what scares you the most. Failure. Rejection. The Unknown. I need to practice more of that. It is my greatest challenge.

(Oh, and for the record, I did try playing the cello again but my little dog hated it. She barked at it ferociously during the entire session. It was quite funny. I knew it couldn’t be me…. )

Practice makes perfect - and it's not perfect yet. Second time ever putting a French manicure finish on my nails.

2 thoughts on “Zippity-do-dah!

  1. I’m definitely the same way about puzzles….I can sit at a puzzles for HOURS and don’t want to do anything else until it’s finished….I usually will finish a book even if it’s boring me cause I just hate leaving them unfinished and because sometimes I think it has to get better! lol

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