Don't Cook with a Roper (via recklessabandon11)

I’m “reblogging” this post from a friend because it mentions the conversation I had with her about my oven. As a side note, the only cookware that seems to work best in my oven is stoneware — imagine that? A potter’s vessel!

If you are like me, then today is the first day that you have ever even heard of a Roper oven.  Maybe it is too far before my time, but the timing of me knowing about this appliance is not the point of this blog, so please keep reading.  Kelley Arnold, a colleague that has become a close, dear friend of mine, was telling me this morning about her experience trying to bake a cake in her Roper oven.  Upon hearing of her experiences, I would describ … Read More

via recklessabandon11


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