Hey, it’s a Chipmunk! Let’s call him Alvin!

The title of this blog is a true statement, exclaimed by my 10 year old brother four sips into my Sunday morning coffee.

Our new furry friend. Yes, he's now known as Alvin - not sure if it's a he, but it works.

Yes, it is a chipmunk. Something we’ve never lived far enough north to see in the wild. The irony for me is that the first time I saw a chipmunk, I was at Toledo Zoo (OH) and I was pushing the same little brother around in a stroller. A wild one ran across our paths, paused to look at us like we were on display, and then jumped into the bushes in front of the lion exhibit. My reaction was similar. Only I didn’t want to give it a name.

This chipmunk is living in the bushes next to our parents’ sun porch, in Mom’s Mother’s Day Garden as it has come to be known. (We live in houses called the color of their exteriors and have rooms that are christened based on their colors as well. We’ve lived in the Pink House (FL), the Grey House (SC); we congregate in the gold room (basement), eat in our red room (dining room). You get the picture. We’re simple people this way.)

While I was trying to sip more coffee, I joined my siblings in pressing our noses against the windows to watch him/her. Alvin gathered up as much seed, spilled from the bird feeders overhead, in her pouchy cheeks as it could and then scampered off to the bushes next to the turtle pond. I haven’t weeded over there very well, and had planned to trim up the bushes, but now I may just leave that area natural. I shot a few more pictures of Alvin and our birds. Mom said she’s spotted more than 100 visits at the feeders in a one hour span. We have cardinals, finches, orioles, and others we’re still identifying.

I’m very curious about this one (below). I want to identify it. I’m thinking it maybe be a female based on its darker colorings.

If I were a bird, I’d want to be colored just like that bright yellow one!

I love this one’s determination.


2 thoughts on “Hey, it’s a Chipmunk! Let’s call him Alvin!

  1. Your mystery bird is a male Brown-headed Cowbird… you’ve probably identified it by now. The photo above it is a juvenile cowbird. Interestingly, the female cowbirds lay their eggs in other birds nests, leaving them to be tended to as “foster children”.

    Close encounters with birds kind of freak me out, too… but I really enjoy watching them. 🙂

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