Rainy day with a rainbow at the end

Some days just feel like a thunderstorm. Loud, pounding thunder. Quick jabs of lightning that explode in front of your eyes, temporarily blinding you, leaving your hair standing on end. That was my day. Just full of loud noises and bright flashes of need. Some days – the dry days – I would kill for a day to be like a thunderstorm. Today, well, I needed the rain but not the storm.

I was rewarded with a rainbow, however. First it was symbolic – a time of rest and reflection while sitting on the banks of the Oconee River which separates Montgomery County from Wheeler County. We were on the Wheeler County side.

Then, as I was driving home, a real rainbow showed up. It was a simple but powerful reminder that we are all precious to our Creator. He loves us so much that it overflows into rainbows. What was your day like? Did you get through the storm to find a rainbow waiting for you at home? I hope so.

One more note. I made a video of the rainbow and country road I found it on. It’s my first video posted to YouTube, and though not spectacular, worth at least a mention.


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