Peacocks are a bit too impressive for me

Mom and I have a new tradition. Evening golf cart rides. There’s a few places in the area that have some excellent attractions: cows, pigs, old farms, peacocks. Tonight, we checked out the peacocks. Here’s a video of our trip. (I’m not a fan of peacocks. In fact, they freak me out. I think it’s something about their stares and their sounds. In fact, most birds freak me out on some level – and the bigger the bird, the more they unnerve me.)

Here’s a few photos from our trip:

Mom and Ethel

Old, abandonned farm equipment in a field

Tryin' to impress the ladies!

One thought on “Peacocks are a bit too impressive for me

  1. My husband and I were married at Magnolia Gardens Plantation. There is a petting “zoo” area on the other side of the gardens with peacocks as well as goats, deer, sheep, and other random farm animals. I didn’t hear it myself (probably b/c I was in a blissful la-la land of my own), but my husband and others said that throughout the ceremony, and more importantly during our vows, the peacocks were calling their loud noises to each other that sounded something like “NOOOO”. haha

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