Pig a.k.a. Noelle

Pig a.k.a. Noelle is my sister’s dog. But she thinks she’s mine. I met her the day she was born. She knew she was mine, too. Isn’t it funny how dogs choose us? They decide. The best pet relationship begins when the animal adopts you, not the other way around. They’re more devoted than you could ever be. They’ll always be more excited to see you than you them and they don’t care if you spoil or ignore them, they’ll always love you. It’s a constant affection when they are yours. I only see Noelle (her first name was Pig, and yes, I named her) about once a month, but she doesn’t forget me. Her surprised recognition that it’s me, the long lost friend, turns into her happiest doggy-face expression, she jumps up from whatever she’s chewing or moseying around and makes a beeline to me – the fastest run she can manage, all of her silky messy moptop flying about her as she speeds towards me. That is a happy dog. And, she’ll love on you for as long as you let her, and then she goes about her business content that you are just there, back her land, ready for her to adore when she needs a bit of affection.


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