Reblog: Eclectic Cottage, Ellabell

I love this photographer’s work. And this photo is particularly stunning. I would put a large poster of it above my fireplace. Imagine all the people who lived here – and where did they go? Did they die off? Run away to the big city? Lose their home? Empty abandoned houses are plenty in south Georgia, and their stories beg to be told. Do you have a family story to share? I’d love to hear yours. And, PS. What a great blog, don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “Reblog: Eclectic Cottage, Ellabell

  1. Brian’s has such a talent for searching out and capturing these little treasures from Georgia’s past before they are gone forever… sadly many people see them every day and never really notice.

    Yes, what stories they could tell! I also wonder about the people who lived in these places- some of them beloved homesteads, others, not so much. I often wonder, too, about the circumstances of the people who lived there. Did they know when they left that they would never be back?

    I really enjoy your blog, too. You are a talented and perceptive writer and I am happy to share your appreciation for our south Georgia roots!

    1. Thank you very much for your compliments, Beverly. I have enjoyed playing with this blog and, yes, I love south Georgia. It’s wonderful to be amused and delighted by the unexpected in life, most which people would call the “little things”. May you have a blessed day – and thank you for a little bit of grace today in your conversation.

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