Happy harvest and Surprise sunset

My sister and I gathered more green tomatoes, some eggplant, rosemary and a green pepper. The red tomatoes were green when I first picked them two weeks ago. We’ll likely roast them with the eggplant and rosemary with a few spritzes of olive oil and  sprinkle of sea salt and cracked pepper. We used the green pepper in a hash brown casserole. It’s a wonderful feeling to bring in a big bucket of fresh produce from our own little garden, Mom’s garden. Next year, we’ll plant more than two eggplant and one green pepper plant. The tomatoes were allowed to grow wild without staking for most of the summer until I tied them to the porch decking with old pantyhose two weeks ago. I gathered at least 20 tomatoes today and there’s about six more on the plants, three of them. The veggies were happy to be put to good use, too.

Then, driving home from my parents, I was astonished at the intensity of color in the sunset. When I first noticed it, a lavendar sky filled with peach, red and pink puffs of clouds. I stopped to take a few pictures on the side of the otherwise empty backroad between the State Prison in Tattnall County, Ga., and the Altamaha River. As I pulled back into the road, I startled a buck who was apparently watching me watch the sunset, and it jumped out of the ditch and fled across the road into the opposite field, making his way to safety in the piney woods beyond. I slowed the truck to watch him run, his back arched and antlers high, his hind muscles propelling him forward. He was beautiful. He is a prize. I told him good luck and sped towards home, watching the ditches for more of his friends. It’s hunting season in south Georgia. It’s also one of the best times of the year to see sunsets in the south, as the leaves will soon fall from their perch, revealing more of the sky.

What are you looking forward to most this fall?


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