Knitting Christmas


I took up the needles yesterday to make this Christmas gift. (Don’t mind me; I’m a hot mess!) I just learned how to finish the stitch without making a bungle of knots and holes like the first one I made a week ago. Knitting truly relaxes me and the click-clack of the aluminum needles brings me back to simpler time in my life, sitting at my grandmother’s feet while she patiently taught me how to knit. It’s wonderful to remember, both the skill and my grandmother.


2 thoughts on “Knitting Christmas

    1. Thanks! Yes, I was trying to do that last night but they looked pathetic – and I will need to buy more yarn. I started a new scarf instead. I need a “dial-a-grandmother”! I’m glad you have someone who can help you. That makes all the difference. I found one tutorial on youtube that helped more than the 1970s knitting book I inherited. The lady who wrote it – bless her – was probably a wonderful knitter, but her directions are not clear.

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