I could go on…

God sent me the man who will hold my hand for the rest of my life. This picture was taken on St. Pat’s Day 2012. I said “Yes!” after saying, “HOLY COW!” ;), May 11, 2012. So unbelievably happy!

This is my first post since December, the day before Christmas. I have an excuse, a valid one. Sometimes when you are unbelievably happy, you just live in the moment and forget to document. It’s the same when you are incredibly sad, but this is not one of those times. In the moment, I take pictures, I post to Facebook, and I’ve neglected my blog. It’s a bit weedy. Kind of like my flower beds. But like the overhaul to the outside and inside of my home last weekend, I’m ready to bring out the rake and plant some seeds.

That which you sow, so shall you also reap.

I can’t forget that sowing in this format keeps my writing fresh, its style and grammar stretched and pliable. I need to write. It’s like breathing or scratching an itch. It’s compulsory. However, sometimes we hold our breath. For my mom, she holds her breath when she’s nervous or stressed, and so do I. I need to exhale and let the cool oxygen flow in and mix with my blood. It’s time to re-energize and restart.

Phewwww….. ! Do it with me.






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