Sweet spot in Jesup – Sugar N Spice Bake Shop

I hit the jackpot the other day. I recently read about a new quilt trail being set up around our county, and then I found a quilt patch! I discovered the patch at the Sugar N Spice Bake Shop in downtown Jesup.

Sugar N Spice Bake Shop sports a Wayne County Quilt Trail patch, Jesup, GA.

It was also my first time ever visiting this sweet shop, one that’s been in business for more than 20 years. Located a few steps down from the old train depot (that I’m excited to see is in the process of a major renovation!), walking into this bakery is a delicious break in the day. I was tempted to try their filled donuts, which look a lot like a fritter.

I must say their dough is the best I’ve ever tried – melt-in-your-mouth gooey on the inside and crispy perfection on the outside, all wrapped in a sweet coating with a chocolate frosting surprise in the middle. It was worth every extra calorie I had to earn to burn it off – and it was the best lunch a working girl could ask for! Every once in a while, I like to splurge, and splurging on a local favorite is a great way to do it. I consider it an “experience” and therefore merits the diet deviation. After all, isn’t sugar and spice and everything nice what little girls are made of?

This place is known for its cakes so I’m told but cookies and filled donuts were our delights for the day. I am definitely going back and was excited to find out their Saturday hours are until 2 p.m. Hmmm, maybe I’ll go get a donut to go…

For more information on the Quilt Trail and Bake Shop:

Wayne County Quilt Trail article in the Press-Sentinel  http://www.thepress-sentinel.com/articles/2012/05/16/opinion/editorials/doc4fb2bf3d3ab77009016532.txt

Wayne County Quilting Trail Facebook www.facebook.com/waynecountyquilttrail


An assortment of cookies

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