Living in a Dream

Eph 3:20 – … Exceedingly, Abundantly, Above All …

That’s God for you. He’s able to exceed all of your expectations with abundance, above all that you could ever dream, or hope, or wish, or think, or ask, or pray … It’s all in and within His power.

These days I’m asking and dreaming and hoping for all of these things – things that haven’t even been revealed to me yet. He says to ask and it shall be given to you. He says Perfect Love Cast Out Fear. He says Give me your yoke of burden and I will give you rest. All of these things I’m counting on.

Someone asked me today if I “promised” that things were going to turn out for good. I was sharing that God’s able to do bigger and better things for us than we could ever dream.

“Do you promise?” she asked.

I looked at her, a bit taken aback, looked in her eyes and saw where she was asking from – fear, uncertainty, even pain. I saw myself sitting there. We are the same.

“Do you promise?” I repeated the question silently. The answer bubbled out of my chest with a clarity like a bell. “Yes, I promise,” God said.

“Yes, I promise,” I repeated, telling her God’s truth for her to hear. I held her gaze and wanted to hug her with my words.

“I promise that, but it’s not my promise, its God’s promise to us. He is providing for us. He doesn’t stop. He prepares us for His provision, too. There’s not one part of our lives that He doesn’t see, or know or care about. We are not alone, and He will always provide for us.”

And He’ll give us more happiness and joy and peace than we could ever expect or deserve because we seek Him and want to follow and live in His will.

I pulled out an old journal the other night. I had to find a particular entry about a dream that I remembered having and writing down. I am one of those; God talks to me in dreams. He’ll show me things that He’s been trying to tell me in very vivid, Technicolor dreams. It’s His way of preparing me for what’s coming in my life. It’s also been His way to tell me how much He loves me.

There’ve been dreams about diamonds in the rough, destruction and protection and I believe, and actually truly just got most of the dots connected, but I know that He revealed my husband-to-be to me in a dream (also in this same journal, entry dated 1-9-10). He has also shown me how my life circumstances were about to change: like the dream where I had to hide in a cave with vipers (bad) and my mom (good) and I wasn’t afraid. I was hiding in a cave because I had to be sent out into the country because a band of tornados – think “The Day After Tomorrow” epic – were destroying my home and exactly half of the town.

I know that may seem like a strange dream – aren’t most dreams? It was especially weird and unsettling at the time. It was so real and emotionally-charged. I woke up feeling like I had lived through that dream. I was compelled to write it down, after I stopped my hands from shaking. It was truly a nightmare.

Months later, after I had forgotten the dream, I was moving in with my parents during the work week for a few months over the winter because my home was, well, it was lonely. I needed a few months of rest from the solitary life, and things in my life were a little rocky financially and emotionally. Things that were not present in my life at the time of the dream, or even on the radar because everything had been beautiful sunshine and blue skies, had happened to me and really shook me to my core. It was a, well, a whirlwind but lots bigger than that … a tornado! Lots of them. Remember those?

One night, while lying in bed at my parents’ guest room and thinking about what I was doing, where I was going and praying, God reminded me of that dream. He showed me that the vipers were my finances and those around me who were lying and speaking untruths about me (things I had to deal with but would not hurt me – kind of like Daniel in the lion’s den, only I was in a pit of vipers) and that the destruction of the tornados were the external forces of people and life and pressures from work that were seeking to destroy me – but in the cave I was with my mom (a source of comfort and strength) and also with things I didn’t want to face but needed to (the vipers), so I could get stronger and gain confidence in the power and presence of God.

I shared that dream with a few friends the next day, telling them the testimony of that dream and the ensuing six months of my life. He does speak to us. We have to be ready to listen. He will reveal what His plan is for us, it just sometimes takes a while for the revelation, but there’s always provision – and preparation for the provision.

As for that dream about my (future) husband? Well, I’m living it now – and one day I may reveal it publicly, but here’s what I will say. External forces will always rant, rave and rage against us, but God knows and sees and hears it. He knows our weaknesses and He’s good with that. In fact, it is when we are weak that… yep, you know that song, too: When We are Weak, He Is Strong. (Sing it with me.) Yes, Jesus Loves Me…. Yes, Jesus Loves Me…. Yes, Jesus Loves Me… For the Bible Tells Me So.

Sometimes we just need to seek our Father God and say, “Do you promise?” and stop and listen.

He will, and always will, answer.


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