Let’s Get Messy!

I want to make a mess! A big one. I want to leave bits of sticky paper around on the floor and cut up a bazillion confetti hearts all while waiting for spray paint to dry. Can you smell the fumes? I can. I am itchy to get my crafty on!

Here’s a photo from the last time I made a big mess. (My Christmas cards do not count because I only made a semi-mess because I got distracted.) This photo is from a three-day marathon scrapbooking weekend with my mom and two dear friends, their mom and a new scrap-happy friend.


Don’t you just love that we’re in our PJs? 🙂

This year the scrapbook weekend falls on the same weekend as my fiance and I plan to marry. So…. the mess will have to wait… or does it?

I’m thinking I need some hot glue and some DIY projects. I’ve been researching several and so far I’ve designed my Save the Dates and Invitations and when I get a friend’s Bridal Shower invites back from the printer, I’ll be hand applying rhinestone ribbons. Oh, and yes, there’s always Friday night where same friend (who was featured on Say Yes To The Dress btw) and I and about five of our collective friends are prepping her wedding invites for distro – rhinestone appliques, stuffing, addressing… the works.

I’m going through DIY DTs. Hurry, someone pass the tacky glue!

Did I mention there’s a nice rocking porch in the mountains? Maybe I need some of that, too.

P.s. Thanks Rebekah for your wonderful photos! 🙂


One thought on “Let’s Get Messy!

  1. Count me in when you get ready for another one of those weekends. I have to do Caryn’s baby book, and I need a three day marathon to get it done!

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