We’re marrieds!

Photo by Chasity Husted Davis

We did it! Here we are, the hubby and me.

Feb. 16, 2013 was a perfect day. It was freezing, raining, windy with a prediction of snow flurries in south Georgia, and perfect for our Winter Wonderland Sweetheart theme. It even snowed in his South Carolina hometown!

Our marriage is new and our wedding a fresh memory I continue to mull and smile over. I’m still writing thank you notes – mostly because I like to personalize each one and truly wish I could enclose a tight hug in every envelope – but here’s a photo from our wedding day. We celebrate our one month anniversary as marrieds this weekend. Things are a bit crazy with the commuting to see each other each weekend but we’re making it work, day by day.

My goals for this blog this year are to be more consistent, write about the things that interest me and find a focus. I am leaning towards Travel in the South, Things that make me Happy, including my love of Christ, nature and family, but I also want to write about how to make things work better and some DIY and craft projects. I am also inspired by other bloggers and would like to use this platform to share my inspired moments and maybe even inspire others with what or who I’ve discovered.

Oh, and I’m working on a 100 things to do in 2013 list. It’s like a bucket list for the year, but its one that I’m not limiting to reality. I’m writing down things on that list that come to me like the urge for chocolate. I’m on number 54. It says I’m going to grow tomatoes, peppers and basil in a garden somewhere this summer. I plan to share some of my list in later blogs.

My #1 came true on Feb. 16.

1. Get married to the LOVE of my Life!

(I love you my Beloved Eternal Penguin!)


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