My Doppleganger’s a Cartoon!


I’ve always thought this was true. And, as a six year old little girl, I always told everyone it was true.

I’m Strawberry Shortcake. Or at least I look a lot like her. Her plucky, happy-go-lucky self is also a lot like my cheerful, quirky disposition. It’s a lot like Pollyanna meets, well, Strawberry Shortcake.

I still love the “sweet” side of her personality: I love anything and everything strawberry – jam, chocolate-dipped, shortcake, old-fashioned Southern cake, ice cream!

What do you think?


Kelley Strawberry shortcake

She even likes to participate in one of my favorite pasttimes: a nice, hot bath!

P.s. I found the Strawberry Shortcake images on and


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