Rainbows after the Storm

In the last three days I have driven 888 miles between and around two states. I have also seen four rainbows!

The first was over Augusta, the Savannah River to be exact. (The Savannah River is the boundary between the two states my husband and I have been commuting between.)

The second was when I saw a full rainbow over the road I was traveling down, not far away from my husband’s place of employment. It encompassed two farms and its cows on opposite sides of the road, encircling me overhead. It was pouring down rain and the sun was shining through the raindrops like sparkling crystal.

The third was seen first thing in the morning on my way to work the next morning: 6:30 am at sun break to be exact. It is the one shown here. I have never seen a rainbow first thing in the morning!

Then, later that evening, my hubby sent me several photos of a full double rainbow he was looking at over our home a full state away!

I couldn’t believe it! Four rainbows!! God is telling me He is bringing an end to this storm we have been in and a promise not to bring this same storm again. I believe I am going home soon! Now to see how God answers our prayers.

With His Love, Kelley



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