His Promises Fulfilled


God is a great God. What He says He will do. He does. Period.

How about He answered the prayer my husband and I have been praying since we first knew that we were going to spend our life together? He did. He answered that prayer the very next day after showing us the rainbows. Those four rainbows in my previous post!

The very next day.

I heard Him tell me He was going to answer me soon. And then He sent His rainbows to confirm it. And the next day I got the phone call we’ve been waiting months and months for. I was offered the exact position that when I applied I knew it was perfect for me. Like it had been created just for me.

God’s promise to bring hubby and I together is fulfilled. I have a new job, and it’s a perfect job – as it should be if it’s from God, right? A job in my field that will challenge and inspire me while I can give all that I can in service to it as I would unto the Lord, and it included a Raise! Can’t beat that, huh?

I love when I see God answering prayers – in my life, in others lives. I am so relieved, mostly from the emotional roller coaster of job hunting and being away from my husband every week. Not to mention the travel – the 4.5 hour drive that I’ve managed to train my bladder to hold quiet the entire ride! I can make it from my house to his house in one trip – only stopping for gas and a soda at the midpoint.

(Gas, by the way, is at least 20 cents cheaper in Edgefield, SC, for some reason. Right off Interstate 20. Go to the second Circle K on the left!)

So now begins our new journey. A new job, a new home and a new chapter in our marriage. We’re house hunting now. And, I’m sure like every place that God brings us to in our lives there will be moments of getting our hopes up only to be disappointed that what we thought was “the answer” was not. But we know, and we’ve experienced, that when God gives us “the answer” it’s better than anything we could have ever planned or orchestrated for ourselves. It will indeed be perfect.

Here’s a verse from our Bible study on the day I got the phone call. It’s perfect, too, in that it also confirmed that I had been hearing God’s voice and His comfort that the answer was coming soon.

“Obey My voice, and I will be your God, and you shall be My people. And walk in all the ways that I have commanded you, that it may be well with you.” – Jeremiah 7:23

P.s. The photo is the sunset Randall captured over the Little Ocmulgee River at Little Ocmulgee State Park in McRae, GA, two days before we married in McRae, Ga. This sunset was His blessing on the end of a chapter in our lives – our engagement – and a promise for beautiful days ahead in the next step our lives together as man and wife.


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