A house, already!

Easley Map

If all goes well, we’ll be homeowners on Aug. 15.

That was fast, right? I know. We can hardly believe it either!

It all started on Friday last week when we went to go look at our third home; the second with our current realtor.

Hubby and I knew right away that this was our home – exactly what we’ve been looking and praying for. I feel a lot like Goldilocks right now going to the Three Bears’ home and everything’s like Little Bear’s porage and bed – Just Right! Remember the previous post from July 8, the one where I was listing all that we’d like in a home? Well, we found it!

And, if the house wasn’t enough, there’s also a recording studio/garage for hubby! (And, its soundproof and detached from the house and he can play those drums as loud as he wants!)

Our offer was accepted less than 36 hours after we submitted it on Sunday evening, and this last week has been all about accomplishing the buying of the home:
– Securing Financing – done
– Home Insurance – going to do on Monday
– Home Inspection – done – and all looks good
– Septic Inspection – done – and all looks good (ha!)
– Radon Inspection – underway
– Termite Inspection – tomorrow
– Talk to Realtor about what the Home Inspector found so we can ask Seller to fix/repair some things – done as of today

Now we’re just waiting. But we’re good at that. We can’t believe that in just one week – the week I’ve been off of work in transition from one position to another – we’ve accomplished so much!

If all goes well, we’ll be sleeping in our new home by the middle of August. And that will cut out five hours of cumulative driving for both hubby and me.

We also know where we’ll be landing: Easley, SC.

I have yet to explore the new area fully but I did go check it out on Saturday last week. Here’s what I’ve discovered:

– There’s all the shopping a girl could want, and Greenville, SC, is only 20 minutes away if I need more shopping opportunities.
– The grocery store and Wally World is less than 8 minutes from the house in both directions.
– The interstate is only 8 minutes or less (depending on traffic lights) from the house
– Downtown Easley is adorable with little shops (antiques, bookstore, clothing boutique, billiards for hubs) and what appears to be a thriving Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. An artist’s cafe sits directly opposite the market for a cup of coffee before picking up fresh veggies for supper. The railroad runs straight through town, so there’s downtown shopping on both sides of the street.
– Clemson is only a few minutes away
– Sassafras Mountain, the highest point in SC, is only an hour away
– Easley, SC, is also in Pickens County, one of the prettiest counties in SC. Our home is in Anderson County, the same county as hubby’s job.
– Hubby will only have a 30 minute commute and I’ll have a 26 minute commute.

That’s just getting started! Can’t wait to explore more.

Think of us as we’re closing on the house and moving. We’re remembering:

“Honor the Lord with your possessions,
And with the firstfruits of all your increase;
So your barns will be filled with plenty,
And your vats will overflow with new wine.”
– Proverbs 3:8-10

Tomorrow’s my first day at my new position in Greenville. Here goes…


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