Weight Watchers contest – we’re one of 5 finalists and need your vote!

I have never blogged about this aspect of my life on this blog, but today that’s changing. For good.

Since starting Weight Watchers in 2007, I have lost 40.4 pounds and have kept it off–and believe I can get to my ultimate goal of 80 pounds gone.

I believe I can get there thanks to an amazing group of fierce, tender, proud and honest women I met through the Weight Watchers 50-plus pounds to lose board: the Thirty Something Girls.

Thanks to their mostly daily support for the last three years, I have been able to believe I can change myself and live a healthy life.

I entered the Weight Watchers 50 Years of Success Friends and Family Group contest with four of my fellow TSGs… And surprise of all surprises!!! We are one of five finalists in the nation!

Can you help is out and vote for us? If we win, we will not only get to go on a grand prize trip but we’ll get to meet each other, most of us for the first time! I got to meet Wendi on a rare trip to NC, and she drove the two hours to come meet my husband and I. Everyone else, I have not met. All of us have never been in one physical place at once… We’re online friends, after all.

You can vote for us, the Thirty Something Girls (TSGs), by going to this link: http://bit.ly/14qcdDw (mobile users: http://bit.ly/1acGh4u ) You can also go to Weight Watchers on Facebook and look for the voting information in the special pages.

Here’s our Before and After photos. And, I am going to focus more on making my healthy journey part of this blog, my Happy Found.




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