Adventures in Cooking

I am a good cook. I swear. I don’t really know how this happened other than I was just distracted. A friend lost her brother tragically and I was on the phone telling her she was loved. I was also trying to sufficiently burn, I mean brown, hubby’s favorite meal: well done hamburgers.

I thought I could multi-task. Apparently not.


I would laugh if this wasn’t my favorite nonstick sauté pan and that black stuff the middle of my only spatula.

Thanks to my cousin’s advice via Facebook (don’t you just love rapid social networking?), I tackled repair pretty quickly. The nonstick really means nonstick. Plastic pops right up. The non-nonstick side? Not so much.

Oh well. I am sure this won’t be my last cooking mishap. I still use the hand towel with the singed hole in it from getting too close to the old electric stove coil.

A fire extinguisher would be a good housewarming gift.


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