Jalapeño Popper Chicken revisited


How to impress your new husband? Stuff a chicken breast with three kinds of cheese and a jalapeño… and then wrap it in bacon!

I love Jalapeño Poppers and this Jalapeño Popper Chicken is incredible.

Great leftover, too. 10PP for a whole breast but you can split the breast cutlets in half and serve with a salad and a starch. 5PP for one.

I made it before with regular cream cheese and green onion. I think the Laughing Cow and Swiss cheese kick it over the edge of killer, lick your finger and elbow yumminess!

Here’s what you need:
6 light Laughing Cow Swiss cheese wedges
4 boneless, skinless chicken breast cutlets
8 slices lower sodium bacon
2 slices deli Swiss cheese, chopped
2/3 c. shredded sharp cheddar cheese
1 jalapeño, finely chopped with most seeds discarded
About 1/2 t. of garlic salt
Salt and pepper, to taste

Here’s what you do:
1. Mix all cheeses and jalapeño in small mixing bowl. Set aside. (It should be about the consistency of a cheese ball before you set it in the fridge.)
2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
3. Spray non-stick cooking spray in 13-by-9 baking dish. Using this as your prep dish, slice a pocket in the fattest part of each chicken breast and stuff with forkful of cheese and pepper mixture.
4. Wrap each with bacon, concentrating on sealing the cheese mixture in the pockets.


5. Bake for about 40 minutes until juices run clear. I always check it at 30 minutes just because it starts smelling so darn good.

6. Take out of oven and let sit five minutes before serving.

I made a non-fat, non-stick sauté of pan-fried yellow squash and green onions seasoning with black pepper, garlic salt and onion powder. Delicious!


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