Newlywed Confessions

I love being married. I love the satisfied oneness of it. Here I sit, my hubby absorbed into the football game on TV and I am enjoying his absent-minded massage/drum roll on my feet. I am just as absorbed in this iPad, researching top 10 things to do in writing, publishing and promoting a blog. Both of us in our sleep pants and not a word said to each other in the last hour.

I would rather sit here than go out on a “hot date” dancing or downtown sight-seeing. I have found the Mecca of marrieds: couch time. I used to believe that this bliss existed in my singlehood but it was out of reach sitting there on the couch with just my dogs. In fact, it was like that 8-year-old belief one has in Santa Claus. You’ve never seen or met him, but you’ve seen the evidence of him in the presents he leaves behind and you watch all the TV specials celebrating him. Santa exists! So does this perfect companionship.

We celebrated 8 months of marriage two days ago. Neither of us realized it was our anniversary until the next day. Tomorrow we’re living it large and looking forward to the with the promise of mocha coffee, peppermint mocha creamer and, wait for it… Whipped cream! Yes, I am loving being married to the love of my life. He brews, too.

House update: I have almost finished unpacking all the boxes. We hung our first set of curtains, and I think this weekend I might just hang a few pictures. How do you like our fall welcome?



3 thoughts on “Newlywed Confessions

  1. I totally agree! I love the just being together part of marriage…even if we are doing our own thing. Danny goes to bed sometimes 2 hours before me due to our opposite work schedules, but i will take my laptop to bed and work beside him. I just want to be in the same room together!

    1. Rebekah: I am so glad you and Danny are so happy together. It is funny: if we aren’t in the same room and don’t know where the other is, we’ll go look for each other. 🙂

  2. Great! Congratulations! You could just paint something to use on your walls. That’s way better than many people might think. You are creating for yourself, that means you’re adding more positive energy to your home. Good luck!

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