C’mon, Winter!


By tomorrow morning, I’ll be surprised if there are any leaves left on the trees. The fallen leaves crunch and rustle across our back porch as this first arctic front moves it way down into our neck of the woods.

Temps are currently in the mid-40s and are dropping. Twenty-seven degrees Fahrenheit is the predicted low tonight, and the weather forecasters are even calling for snow flurries.

This is my first real winter storm so early in the season. Technically, it won’t even be Winter until Dec. 21 (my late Granddad’s birthday).

I am blown away. I never thought I’d live somewhere where this kind if weather is pretty normal. Exciting, but normal. My South Georgia normal is maybe low of 50 with highs spiking to the low 80s. Maybe a few days in the upper 60s. Wearing shorts and t-shirts on Thanksgiving Day is my normal.

At least it was. I think this new climate (average of 10 degrees cooler) is going to take more than a year to get used to. Oh, and I did mention it is not even “real” winter yet, right?

Above is a pic of tonight’s sunset and the incoming front.


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