My Number is 12

Thanks to my dear friend Chasity, my number is 12… And here are 12 things most may not know about me.

1. I am the oldest of 17 kids.

2. I write a blog and have 45 followers. When I get to 50 followers I am treating myself and the blog to its own domain name. You can check it out at:

3. The first person I want to see in Heaven after I meet Jesus (and give him a big hug) is my Grandpa Rylander. I want to sit in his lap and for him to sing to me like he did when I was a little girl. I miss him.

4. I can’t read time unless it is digital. The clock hands always look like they are same size to me, and it has been a source of embarrassment my whole life; my Achilles heel. I don’t wear a watch because of this.

5. The last book I read made me cry at the ending. Read it: The Distant Hours by Kate Morton.

6. I am horrible with song names but if I hear the tune, I can pick up the lyrics (if I know it) and sing all of it.

7. I love to sing. I love it even more to sing in a choir. I sing everywhere and all the time.

8. I played cello for the Florida Youth Symphony at age 12 as their youngest (to date) cellist. Then I quit, the Symphony and cello. Too much pressure. I would like to take cello lessons again when I get the chance.

9. I am becoming a Clemson fan. It is a slow conversion but its roots run deep. Touchdown, Tigers!

10. I live approximately 20 miles from Clemson. (This may have something to do with #9, that and the team is fun to watch and my favorite color is purple.)

11. My natural hair color is a dirty strawberry blonde and I have died my hair since I was 14. I used to use a $2.97 bottle of Balsam Light Ash blond. I have had red, blonde and chocolatey reddish hair. The color hair I have now is my favorite.

12. I broke my jaw catching a pop fly with my face when I was 15. Not on purpose.

This photo is from yesterday morning after that major overnight drop in temperature. 23 degrees!



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