Last day of 2013, and I put my hubby to work!

I couldn’t relax last night. This kitchen was trampling my peace. I kept praying about it, but I couldn’t calm down. The pictures, now hanging beautifully on the walls as I had envisioned them, we’re stacked against every wall in the room, gathering dust. They had been sitting there since the day we moved in, four months ago.

Enough was enough. I couldn’t face 2014 with those pictures still on the floor.

I have also realized another thing about myself: I am becoming more and more like my mother everyday, or at least I catch myself quoting her or doing things she would do.

Like those pictures. I needed them hung, and now. If I had had the power to place them myself, and I would had I not trusted my hubby with the hammer and nail in this home, I would have hung them up last night, no matter the time it would have been when I completed the project.

That’s how I am like my mother and completely unlike my husband. He could sleep with the undone sitting in the kitchen and I had to take a hot bath with lavender bath salts and then lay in bed, very still, and slow my breathing while consciously relaxing my body from the toes up. Thankfully I fell asleep while telling my thighs goodnight.

My hubby is wonderful for hanging every single one of those pictures today.

There are other pictures sitting against walls in this house but in the name of Jesus they will not bother me tonight! I have 2014 to get those projects completed.


How does my Franco-American Bistro Kitchen look? I purchased (and sweet-talked) these posters and postcards in France when I lived there for three months while in college in 2001. I had them framed at the art gallery where I worked after I returned. I never imagined they would create a beautiful scene and memory while I cooked for my family one day. Souvenir means “to remember”, and I do.



20131231-171204.jpgWe still have our Christmas tree up. We both like to leave it up until the new year.

20131231-171037.jpgWe purchased the wreath on our front door last night thanks to an 80% off sale of Christmas items at Hobby Lobby. I’m not ashamed to say I got this wreath for significantly LESS than it would have cost me to make it, and counting my time and effort. I love sales and being thrifty.


4 thoughts on “Last day of 2013, and I put my hubby to work!

    1. Thanks, Pam! I really appreciate it. Hanging the pictures higher on the wall, which rises up to double skylights, helps make the room feel bigger. The actual working space of my kitchen is compact so this helps. Go check out Hobby Lobby – they may still have one on sale. 🙂

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