Top Viewed Post of 2013 ~ Thanks, Pinterest!

I love pinning. I can spend hours on Pinterest looking at new hairstyles, glitter polish designs, fantasy high heels. Don’t get me started on the crafts and holiday pins. And, oh my, oh my, I love the beautiful places pins. And, judging by my peers who’ve linked up with me from Facebook, it’s the new past-time of women who can’t stop themselves from multi-tasking, even while relaxing.

That being said, I had no idea when I just plopped one of my own photos on there with a link back to my blog that I’d get so many hits, or that it would help boost my blog readership.

I’m not sure how many pinners read their pins before they pin, but thanks to their engagement with this photo, my post Fresh-From-The-Garden Tomato Sauce from August (aside from my home page) was the Top Viewed Post of 2013 with 246 views.

tomato sauce on the stove

This pin received 30 pins and was liked 3 times. I’m not sure the how or why of the scientific insights from this, yet. I’m positive, though, that I’ll eventually figure it all out – and as a marketer by trade, this Pinterest stuff, is well, Pinterest-ing. There, I said it.

I’m a dork. I’m good with that. Feel free to follow me on Pinterest! I’ll follow you back!

Other 2013 {Daylilygrl} Blog achievements:

– 52 Blog Followers (Go ahead, be Number 53 and hit the +Follow button)
– 1 New Blog Page: Health(ier). I am still working on fleshing it out with some “before” and “current” photos
– 166 posts
– 101 Blog Facebook Page Followers (Join Me on Facebook!)
– NEW Blog header – I made it last night on Love that site too.

Hope you’re having a great start to your new year!


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