Ab/Squat Challenge: Week 1 update


Here’s a Health(ier) update:

I started the Ab/Squat Challenge a week ago, and today I finished Day 6. I can tell I have been focusing on working out my lower body when I climb the stairs at work.

I am doing the challenge with two of my friends who live on opposite sides of the country: one is in Colorado; the other in Savannah, Ga.

Being accountable through daily texts when we complete the day’s challenge makes it not only rewarding but enjoyable!

I also met one of my weekly goals for January: exercise 3 times a week/:30 per workout. I am proud I completed these at-home workouts as well as the challenge. After a week, I feel I can keep up and meet my goals.

The above image is a pic of my new workout journal. I just grabbed a medium sized 2014-2015 planner and started jotting down my workouts as I complete them. Keeping it on my coffee table helps me motivate myself to workout, especially after work when all I really want to do is sit on the couch and stare at TV.

What helps motivate you to workout?


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