Proud Nerd: Desktop Organized!

Tonight while my husband practices with his band and I spend the evening half-listening/watching “So You Think You Can Dance” while cruising Pinterest, I found this intriguing article. Which turned into a challenge.

Follow the directions and you’ll be as thrilled as I am.

I organized my desktop — on my computer!

“Desktop Organization Backgrounds | Clean up your Computer {2 new backgrounds!}” from Moritz Fine Designs was easy to follow and now, after a quick analysis of how I use my computer, is ready for me to use it… better.

My computer desktop was starting to look like my physical desktop – cluttered with papers in need of filing.

In hind sight, I probably should have made my largest block the “Files to File” area, but I am hoping the smaller area will force me to stay more organized.

Here’s what it looks like:

desktop organizer image
Design by Moritz Fine Designs customized by Daylilygrl


Here’s what I did:

1. Followed the directions in this article’s how-to. I chose the aqua circle background to download.

2. In PicMonkey, I used a modern font and organized my blocks into the following: Design Projects, Files to File, Programs, Inspiration, All So Daily and Plan Ahead. I also added my favorite Bible verse and a thumbnail of a favorite photo from our wedding.

3. After saving the file, I just right-clicked and set it as my desktop background.

4. Then, I had to sort and move files. And, delete some unused shortcuts. I used Programs to put my shortcuts for everyday programs I may need for budgeting, design or writing. Under inspiration, I have some folders of personal photos and training guides in social media or marketing design. I put my Outlook and recycle bin in the All So Daily block.

And, now it’s clean and ready for work.

Even better, it’s personalized and makes me feel smile that I took the time to find a unique way to approach my everyday work environment in a beautiful way.

How would you organize your desktop blocks?


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