September’s closing

I have been silent this summer. Partly because of increased work responsibilities, partly because of disinterest and the other part because I have been keeping my thoughts to myself. Mulling over things, reminiscing, remembering. Working out and cleaning out, and putting away.
Don’t we all do that as season’s change? Clean up and pack up our summer clothes in boxes and pull out our winter clothes from storage. Clean off the deck and pack up the pool supplies for the next summer. Winterize our yard and gardens.

I have been cleaning up and cleaning out my heart. I have been settling in to my new life as wife and sojourner with my amazing husband that God has blessed me with. But along the way, I have been startled to learn that I really have had to leave behind. I have been trying so hard to hold on to everything and everyone that I am at the point I need to let go so I can fully step into and embrace my new role. For me, this has been one of the greatest internal realizations and growth spurts in my life.
Being dependent on my husband and being relied on as a wife are two new roles of responsibility and submission that I am just now starting to understand and relax into. My head got it; my heart wanted it; and now, I am finally getting the hang of it.
I love my life and the comfortable secure placement God has brought me to in this new season. I am at peace. I am full of joy. And I am so happy to be right where I am, in this moment; which happens to be sitting next to my hubby in our new family car riding to our parents to wish my mother-in-law a happy birthday.
Knitting away…
Little by little God’s weaving my tapestry together; knitting together the frayed pieces of my life and heart into a beautiful, comforting kaleidoscope of memories and new beginnings.
I am so thankful. Thanking Him for all of these blessings.






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