Day 1 Christmas Break: Clean up the pantry

I first realized I had an organization issue last week when I couldn’t find the oatmeal and it was right at my feet. It needs to be at eye level since it is healthier for me than the cookies.

So I started looking at Pinterest one evening, and at 1 a.m. I realized I needed to do something about the problem or I would self-destruct into a weepy, anxious mess. (Can anyone look at Pinterest and not feel like they need to go craft, decoupage or reorganize something? That may just be another of my problems.)

I had already rearranged the pantry a bit when I took the before pic. I bought the red accent shelf organizers at the local Dollar Tree. I used an old file sorter to organize my reusable bags and lunch totes.

I also moved all of my not-as-often used appliances, like our George Foreman and small crockpots to the second to top shelf.

I still need to tackle the very bottom and very top shelf, but overall this only took me about a half hour.

Not bad for my first day off from work for Christmas and New Year. And, yes, I do feel better.

And, I am fighting the urge to NOT add labels. But, I will post photos of what is generally where.



It also appears that the cookies are still at eye level but they are destined for Christmas baking tomorrow—and will be leaving the house for my parents for the holidays.


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