Co-Conspirator, Guest Contributor… Keep Your Circle Positive

keep your circle positive
Keep Your Circle Positive (

I am excited to announce that I hit one of my major 2015 goals: be a blog contributor.

Ok, so this was really a goal for 2014, but I can rewrite it into my 2015 list. Especially since I hit the goal so early in 2015.

My blog post “Here’s Why My Christmas Tree is Still Up” was published January 8 on my dear friend and co-worker’s blog, I think she termed me a co-creator, and I really like that! CO-CREAAATTTTOOORRRR… (listen to it echo through the hallway!)

Co-Conspirator works, too. I am thinking of our alliance more like a conspiracy — to take over the world, world, world….. (Yes, I have been watching too many Marvel movies lately.)

Seriously, though, we are conspiring and collaborating together on blogging and achieving our goals. And, anytime we can do that over Mexican after a long work-week, all the better. It’s so great to find a kindred spirit and I truly encourage you to go check out her blog. She looks on the bright side of things, and as a die-hard Pollyanna, you know I love that.

I’ll be a monthly Co-Creator and you should check out the posts – and if you don’t, I’ll remind you.

A few more announcements for 2015 and this blog:

1 – I plan to migrate it to my own domain name in a few months, so that may take a little effort and there may be a few hiccups, so I hope you’ll hang with me.

2 – I’m going to actually write and adhere to an editorial calendar. I’m looking at publishing at least once a week – and would like to implement an weekly email blast to announce my latest posts. If you’d like to sign up, please fill out the little form at the top right of the sidebar. I’ll use that only to send you sweet little happy notes – and I promise, I’m not a Spammer…. and I do this email marketing thing for a living so you’ll be in good hands.

3 – I’ll be looking for your input. I’d love to share my favorite things and what makes me happy – and I’d love to include your thoughts as well. I would like to create a monthly space for Happy Found moments, so please use #happyfound on Twitter and start tagging me in your posts @daylilygrl. You may just end up featured on this blog!

I can’t believe it’s almost February! Can you??

Hubby and I are on countdown to celebrating our two year wedding anniversary. It’s almost here, too. Feb. 16 – I can’t believe we’re almost there.


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