Health(ier): noun. A lifestyle change. See Kelley Roark.

Eating healthier and taking care of my health is a journey that started 43 pounds and more than 5 years ago. I call this my Health(ier) lifestyle. I may not always make the “best” choice, but the choice I make now is healthier than the choice I would have made many moons ago.

What started the change?
I weighed over 240 pounds at the doctor’s office one day in my mid-twenties and I realized that my pediatrician’s prediction to my mother when I was an eight-year-old kid had come true. He told her that if I wasn’t careful I would weigh over 200 pounds by the time I was a college student and could have a tendency to be heavier than that.

Seeing that number on the scale scared me. My knees hurt. My feet hurt walking in heels. I huffed and puffed just walking across campus or up a flight of stairs. My clothes didn’t fit. I more frequently had to twist my waist to fit my rear in chairs with arms. I felt old. I wasn’t even 30 yet. Something had to change.

How I changed.
I joined Weight Watchers. (The time I joined with my mom at 12 years old doesn’t count.)

My official “start” weight is 235, although that 243 pounds is always in my head. According to WW, at 5’5″ I need to weigh no more than 155 pounds — the top range of my “goal” weight. I currently weigh 192 and some change. I’m not scared to tell my weight anymore. I have been told that I look like I weigh less than that number and maybe I do since I wear a size 12-14. I’m no longer wearing size 20s and wishing I were dead – or at least invisible.

Health(ier) eating and thinking is what saved my life. Believing I was worth it and I could do it were the two health(ier) mindsets I have learned to adopt – and losing this weight and my timeline for losing this weight is not an overnight outcome. I lost 30 pounds when I first started WW and thought I was “good”. I gained all but 12 pounds of it back over that year of being “good” and not living the plan.

Counting and tracking my WW Points Plus and abiding by the good health guidelines (check out if you need more info) is my daily health(ier) lifestyle. It is what works for me.

Where I’m going
Goals for being health(ier) include:
1. Getting to my goal weight, after saying buh-bye forever to the 190s, 180s, 170s and 160s. (I’m going to set my official WW goal weight after talking with my doctor. And, these goals will be interesting as I last weighed 179 the year I graduated from high school. It will be a new Kelley.)
2. Increasing my physical endurance and trying new sports and exercising on a regular basis. I want to be considered an athletic person.
3. Creating new recipes and encouraging a health(ier) way of eating, not only for me but for my friends and family.
4. Being happy in my own skin.

I’m sharing with you here the journey at the mid-way point as I fight towards goal. I have blogged about the previous steps on a WW blog but now I need to bring it full circle as this change is truly one that makes me happy, challenges me to embrace more possibilities and helps me look the fear of the unknown in the face while forgiving myself for holding myself back all those years. It’s most important to be kind to yourself. Your body is the only one you’ll ever get. Might as well feel fabulous in it. And, no one is going to do fabulous for you.

I’ve posted a lot of my recipes on this blog (search the category: recipe) and I love pinning them to Pinterest, as well as learning about other health(ier) recipes and lifestyle changes (aka exercise!)


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