A little Clemson love

I am starting to get a little itchy around my neckline where I got a good burn at the first Clemson home game of the 2015 football season. It was the only place I overlooked a triple application of SPF 55 sunscreen.

Last weekend was full of football, family and, yes, fun. (Can’t help but to alliterate every chance I get. Compulsive alliteration is a sickness.)


In addition to amazing front row seats at the game, and spending time with two of our closest friends and their two kiddos, I tried a new recipe for Ricotta Sausage Spinach “muffins”. The base for these muffins is sausage – raw sausage that cooks up in the pan to a nice little base. I wasn’t sure about them when I was making them – and it set off my nerves a bit because I rarely make a recipe for the first time and then trot it off to a picnic for others to scrutinize, but this one turned out be-you-tifully… (I think I’ve been watching too much Andy Griffith.)

The original recipe (found on Pinterest, of course) called for Swiss chard, but I opted for the much more readily available spinach. I also omitted the nutmeg and used my trusty standby, sage sausage. I also added a bit more fresh garlic and some Italian seasoning. They were delicious and traveled well. I had to cook them longer than the suggested 35 minutes, finally settling on 45 minutes. And, they left behind a little bit of juice when I pulled them out of the carrier at the tailgate but they were a nice little muffin and held together nicely. Perfect for a low-carb breakfast tailgate!

(I don’t have pics of how they turned out, so I won’t post my altered recipe – but you’re welcome to check out the recipe from BlogHer, link above.)

My hubby and I! He bleeds orange. I can’t wait for the weather to change to enjoy a bit cooler temps and an afternoon/early evening game.

Then, on Sunday, we enjoyed an afternoon walking around the SC Botanical Gardens. It was our first visit, and definitely won’t be our last. I loved the duck pond, hiking trails near the arboretum and the butterfly garden. I even found chestnuts – which I had never seen before; and, I discovered just how prickly their “shells” are – like little porcupines. (Ouch!)

SC Botanical Garden_chestnut

SC Botanical Garden_lots of chestnuts

The dogs loved it all – although, SugarPie found every excuse to take a little rest! Her she is in her favorite resting position – belly flat to the ground and both front and back legs sprawled out in front and behind her.

Sugarpie at SC Botanical gardens

She’s too darn cute – and with that tongue out, she sounds like a little motor. Guess we did wear out her rolly-polly self. Altogether, we walked about three miles, and still didn’t see all of the gardens.

SC Botanical Garden_Cedar and Randall

This weekend I’m planning on hibernating – and maybe doing a little stamping, and cleaning out some old things. How about you? What are your weekend plans?

Ps. This is my 200th blog post. 🙂

SC Botanical Gardens_Zinnia and Zoe


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